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“The Future is Now”

A conversation with John Tischer,
the author of the book “Brownian Life”

  Daniel Dragomirescu: Dear Bardy, what do you think about this point of view: “CIA also behind failed coup attempt: Former Turkish army chief”? It's an interview published today in “Daily News”, a Turkish journal. I am looking with interest at your opinion.
  John Tischer: We know that the CIA was behind the formation of Al Qaeda, and after that ISIS... so, why not? They have had their hands in every overthrow of government from all those in South America, Greece, Iran... you name it.... so, I don't really need to know... I just can't imagine that, if it was bad, that they somehow wouldn't be involved. 
  DD: But why would the US and EU - Merkel and her henchmen leadership  encourage the ISIS terror Movement to kill innocent people here in Europe or in other parts of the world?!? For what is this useful, this increase of mass murder in Germany, the Trojan Horse of the inmigrants?!? What is the idea?! Make me clear about that, please, you must know.
  JT: It's "Liberalism" distorted and run amok... which is part of the New World Order  idea of one government... in order to get there, they have to destabilize the world, including making the USA lose it's power, so the whole game can be consolidated. "Liberal" because they say "we should save the refugees because it's the kind thing to do" when really all they're doing is inviting the terrorists to make America weaker... it's a false flag operation. Germany, France and Britain are already being ruined. The Brexit was a blow to the NWO, but they're already being punished economically for it. 
  DD: Yes, I'm afraid this is the truth... Maybe you'll write for CLH a larger article about it.  You are one of the few who is able, like Oedip, Laocoon or Platon, to see the cave in which we live.
  JT: What would be the title/subject?
  DD: The New Bullshit Order or something like that. 


  DD: And this: Trump suggests general election could be 'rigged' Is true??? The US Elections may be rigged?? 
  JT: Well, we know for certain already that the Democratic primary was rigged...and there's really no reason why they wouldn't try to rig the election if it looks like Trump has a chance to win. He's way down in the polls right now. America is a rigged system altogether...only Trump wants to try to change that. Here's a good article about how the mainstream media functions, from an historical perspective going back to the first world war:
  DD: Thank you, man. You really are an open minded guy! 
  JT: It's because of the USA that I live in Mexico....remember that. 
  DD: I would like men as you to live in the US and people like Clinton and Co to live on Pluto or better in another galaxy.
  JT: That would be nice for me.  But, you remember, the smart Jews left Germany when they saw what was happening... (smart and rich Jews, I should say). It's the same situation in the USA now. Many people are leaving and renouncing their citizenship... not as many as the Jews, but it's the same idea. It's not the ultimate solution, but I've felt much better living down here than I did...especially the last year... in America. America is really crazy, but the people there... a lot of them... don't see it because it has come on so gradually.
  DD: Perfectly crazy is this NWO! This can't have a good future. 
  JT: The future is now.
  DD: In this case, Donald J. Trump is really our last chance. 

Tepoztlan – Bucharest, 2 August 2016



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