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Do not try to please others; you will be moving away from yourself.

Live your life doing what you want with only three limitations: do not injure your neighbor, do not injure yourself and do not allow anyone to harm you.

Cultivate your inner and no adversity will be able to bend you.

Do not try to show who you are not, not pretended authenticity will bring you an inner peace that is worth everything.

After an austere and objective (to the extent possible) analysis, only you decide on your blame and responsibility.

Take responsibility for your actions (errors) without considering the cost. Speculate with gains and losses in these cases, in the future, always ends in losses.

Do not let others manipulate you. Leave your limits set out clear and precise from the outset.

Try to know yourself every day a little more accurate with the idea that anything you discover will be good or at least better than keeping it hidden in the subconscious.

Do not pretend to be right, no one does. On these issues, who wins, always looses.

Do not need to explain your truths. If you understand them it's enough.

Relate yourself with others like if it was with you.

Learn to enjoy the solitude and silence. Train yourself to meditate on daily basis as if it was a biological need.

After having exhausted the means to enjoy complete health, accept your ailments without sterile protests that will only aggravate your situation. The disease is part of our health. Distance yourself from it. When it should be, better if it stays only in your body.

Live your life with consistency and respecting your own principles and death will come to you as a friend who helps you take the following steps and you will wrap yourself fearless in its arms.

The author apologizes for possible errors appearing in the text above
regarding that English language is not his mother tongue.



Writer, publicist and thinker from Israel, born on May 7, 1950 in Buenos Aires, Rudy Spillman spent his childhood and first youth in Argentina. He graduated the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires.
Since 1989 he lives in Israel with his family, in the city of Eilat.
Spanish speech writer (as mother tongue), Rudy Spillman has published many books: “Palmeycore’s Legend”, “Establishment Dvorak”, “A Life Dream”, “Reducing the Distances” (1999), “Guli Case” (2002), “Girafe’s and Snail’s Fable”, “Goma Queen”, “Pornocto and Rosirupta (two souls in the World Where Nothing Matters)” (2003), “The Paradise Hidden in the Back of Our Misfortunes” and his continuation, “Picking Reflections. Where Are We Going?” (2007), “A Matter of Sizes”, tragicomic satire and “MediMente – Meditation for Beginners” (2009).
Obviously, Rudy Spillman has all qualities to be appreciated as a good representant of Hebrew thinking and spirituality in contemporary world (D.D.).

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Thank you for the invitation mr.Dragomirescu. Nice to see your work.

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Saludo desde Israel a este gran autor de la que soy Fans.