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Between democracy and tyranny

During the Second World War, the United States and Great Britain made a fundamental mistake. They should not have allied themselves with the Soviet Union to win the war. The cause of the crises that the contemporary world has been suffering repeatedly lie here. The totalitarian soviet system should have been left to collapse, while subsequently the United States and Great Britain, together with the rest of the world should have defeated Hitler's Germany by a full economic embargo, which would have ended with the reformation and then the annihilation of the national socialist regime. Yet, instead of following this course of action, Churchill and Roosevelt chose to support the totalitarian soviet regime so that it would survive and extend throughout all Eastern Europe. They severely weakened Europe in front of the soviet colossus, with clay feet, true, yet having the atomic bomb attached to them. The two leaders of the Western world, who enjoyed discretionary power during the war gave Stalin – and the Soviet Union – much more global power than they had before.

It is a well-known fact today, proven by documents, that after the war the United States were undermined at all levels by crypto-communists that received their orders from Stalin's office in Kremlin. One could find them among atomic physicists (Robert Oppenheimer), in Hollywood (among the great studio owners), in the artistic world, in the trade unions, and even higher. From the exploitation of the defeated and occupied countries, Moscow could afford to invest huge sums of money everywhere in the world. The activity that senator McCarthy undertook at the beginning of the 50s in order to reveal and eliminate the crypto-communists on Moscow's payroll from all America's power structures, which was dubbed by the press of the time “a witch hunt”, was totally justified and it prevented America's fall under the domination of the Soviet totalitarianism then embodied by Stalin. The much maligned McCarthy, even though he may not have been America's brightest politician, really did a service to the American people, for which he got no reward, on the contrary.

On the other hand, in Warsaw as well as in Strasbourg or Brussels no one wants to talk openly about the more and more obvious fact that Russia is undergoing a full restoration of the USSR, trying to reconstruct the socialist camp and even extend its dominion to areas that in the past were out of its sphere of influence (like, for example, Syria and less obviously, Cyprus or Greece). And yet a lot was written in the press about the staged death of the USSR, after the opera coup in august 1991, with the aim of reviving it in a better shape, without any serious debate on the subject being organized, at least in order to be fought with good arguments.

The leader from the Parliament Hill, Liviu Dragnea, spoke many times, not by chance, about the “historical mission” that the PSD would have under his leadership. I have not heard/read any comment or question that explained the statement of the PSD leader, but it was probably thought that everybody got the message. This “historical mission”, as one can clearly see, is the Restoration that some more naive or shy authors insist on calling “illiberal democracy”. Illiberal democracy, indeed! In reality there has never been and will never be for any society but one clear option between democracy and tyranny, regardless of the deceiving masks that tyranny is putting on.

The renowned British writer George Orwell drafted at the end of the 1940s a list with all the cultural Anglo-American personalities enrolled among the crypto-communists. There is no surprise that on Orwell's list there are such names as Charlie Chaplin, Michael Redgrave, George Bernard Shaw, Orson Welles and others like them. (according to Wikipedia, “Orwell's list”).

Article by Daniel Dragomirescu
Translation by Roxana Doncu

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