joi, 31 decembrie 2015


Winter Wish

In deid o winter, may ye hae the licht
o friens, lang kent.
And licht o ithers, maybe fowk hauf kent
and gien little thocht, until ae day
ye chaunce tae meet, and blether,
and suddenly it dings ye: here’s a bodie
wi sympathy, and experience o life,
a bodie that can listen, that has wisdom
glowin bricht –
and the licht wis there aa the time.
Ye juist didnae see it.

* * * 
In dead of winter, may you have the light
of friends, long known. 
And light of others, maybe those half known  
and given little thought, until one day  
you chance to meet, and chat, 
and suddenly it strikes you: here’s a person 
with sympathy, and experience of life,  
someone who can listen, who has wisdom 
glowing bright –  
and the light was there all the time.  
You just didn’t see it.

     Scottish & English versions: Donald Adamson

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