joi, 3 decembrie 2009


No.9 / November - December 2009

Price: 8 euros per copy (via Western Union)

Over 30 authors from all over the world!

Poems by Elo Viiding (Estonia), Allan Stevo (Slovakia), Mihai Cantuniari, Cassian Maria Spiridon, Marius Stefan Aldea (Romania), Wayne Visser, Mark Murphy (U.K.), Marina Centeno (Mexico), Burt Rashbaum, Don Riggs, Mike Essig, Michelle Brooks (U.S.A.), Mark William Jackson (Australia ) etc.
Issue no.9 / 2009 also contains an excellent short story about a new Fantine: Contretemps by Catherine Rakose (Grenoble, France), an original essay on communism by Indian professor Venkata Ramanan, the new literary manifesto Ni fioritures ni grands mots by French writer Mathieu Mercier from Lyon, Welsh Dialogues (part III) by Caroline Gill (Swansea, Wales) and many other interesting and excellent contributions.

CONTEMPORARY LITERARY HORIZON, No. 9 / 2009 - an independent and multicultural magazine for all our valuable and faithful readers!

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